" The cello is lika a beautiful woman who has not grown older but younger with time, more slender, more supple, more graceful." -- Pablo Casals, famous cellist

What makes a Cello a CelloEdit

The cello is the fifth smallest string instrument. There 11 parts to a cello, Not including the bow, there;s the...

  • Scroll
  • Tunibg Pegs
  • Fingerboard
  • Neck
  • Strings
  • Belly
  • F-Hole 
  • Bridge
  • Tail Piece 
  • Spike
  • Soundboard

The bow is made up of the...

  • Frog
  • Wodden Stick
  • Tip
  • Horsehair

Where a cello standsEdit

The Cello is a deep sounding instrument. It has the same strings as a viola and the sheet music is only one note's difference from a viola. But they aren't the same. You hold it and the bow differentley. You hold it like a bass. Cello players are very gifted because the place the put thier fingers to play the notes is about the place where your ear is!