There are many kinds of clarinets.

Tiny Clarinets Edit

Bb Sopranino Clarinet - Obsolete.

A Sopranino Clarinet- Obsolete.

Small Clarinets Edit

Bb Soprano Clarinet- The most common one.

C Clarinet- Obsolete.

A Clarinet- Obsolete.

G Clarinet- Obsolete.

Medium-Small Clarinets Edit

Basset clarinet — A soprano clarinet with a range extension to low C (written)

A basset clarinet — Most common type.

Basset clarinets in C, B♭, and G also exist.

C basset clarinet - Obsolete.

Bb basset clarinet - Obsolete.

G basset clarinet - Obsolete.

Medium Clarinets Edit

Alto clarinet — Pitched a perfect fifth lower than the B♭ alto clarinet.

E♭ alto clarinet — Most common type. Range usually down to low E♭ (written)

Large Clarinets Edit

Bass Clarinet Edit

Bass clarinet — An octave below the B♭ clarinet often with an extended low range (to low E♭ )

B♭ bass clarinet — The standard bass.

A bass clarinet — Very rare.

C bass clarinet — Obsolete.

Contra-alto ClarinetEdit

Contra-alto clarinet — An octave below the tenor clarinet.

(EE♭ contra-alto clarinet)

Contrabass Clarinet

Contrabass clarinet — An octave below the bass clarinet

(BB♭ contrabass clarinet)

Really Large Clarinets Edit

EEE♭ octocontra-alto- An octave below the contra-tenor clarinet. Only three have ever been built.

BBB♭ octocontrabass  - An octave below the contrabass clarinet. Only one was ever built.

Weird Clarinets Edit

Basset horn — Alto-to-tenor range instrument with (usually) a smaller bore than the alto clarinet, and a range extended to low (written) C.

F basset horn - Most common type, but- Obsolete.

G basset horn - Obsolete.

D basset horn - Obsolete.